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TONOS Revolution Makeup. 100% Cruelty Free
Colombia's Best Selling Professional Makeup Line, Now Available in CANADA and the USA

100% Cruelty Free • Gluten Free • Paraben Free • Recyclable Containers • Long Lasting

TONOS Vegan Makeup

TONOS Revolution Makeup, the official makeup of Miss Universe Canada 2016 & 2017

What our customers are saying

My daughter used the Extreme Waterproof Mascara, with three hours in the pool and another two and half hours on deck, and it was like she just put it on! Very happy with the product!

Tricia from Newmarket, ON

TONOS Long Lasting Lipstick is NO JOKE!! Put it on during my shoot and it lasted a night of going out AND I woke up with it STILL ON the next morning... I didn't have to reapply it once!!

Sara from Windsor, ON

So I tried the TONOS Revolution Make up - Total Cover Cream Foundation, Perfect Eyeliner (pen), Extreme Mascara and my absolute favorite TONOS Matte Cream lipstick (Sandstone).  I have to say my makeup usually washes away by the end of the day but this is the first time my lipstick stayed on and I never felt like my lips were dry through the day. The most amazing thing is my eyeliner never ran or smudged throughout my two workouts in the evening! I definitely love the eye liner pen it's so easy to apply and the matte lipstick is my new favourite!

Catherine from Newmarket, ON